demigodThandO is a South African rapper/singer and songwriter with a ton of unreleased music that could disrupt the normal hierarchy in the African music scene but somehow, the young talent finds himself just prepping his debut single for release.

The Zulu native started creating music back in high school with no intentions of ever releasing it but it seems destiny called in a massive way that he could not ignore.

demigodThandO has today decided to embrace destiny as he gears up both physically and mentally to take the walk to stardom.

After a brief break from social media with us waiting for the superstar to grace us with his presence for over a day, he finally came back full of excitement and totally refreshed.

πŸ˜… I’m sooo sorry… I went ghost cause I’m tryna decide which song to drop.

Honestly I knew I wanted to drop my first offering in December/January but I hadn’t decided on which one is appropriate as a first song.

Without wasting much time, we got to it before he went ghost again.

So tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m demigodThandO from South Africa. My name Thando is the Zulu word for love. πŸ˜… I’m literally just love (in English).

Been doing music since high school without the intention of releasing or letting other people hear it. I started taking it seriously when my friends took it seriously as well, that was back in 2019.

How did growing up in South Africa has influence your music?

South African sounds and both international sounds inspire me. I look up to rappers like Stogie T (South Africa), AKA (South Africa), Nasty C (South Africa), and A-Reece (South Africa) to name a few.

I incorporate my language sometimes but mostly i rap/sing in English to relate to a wider variety of people. There are a few Kwaito (South African music ganre) elements into my sound from time to time. Or incorporate some Amapiano (South African House sub ganre) keys and the log drum.

Tell us about your forthcoming debut single and what it means for you as an artist?

This will be my first song. πŸ˜… Honestly I’m super excited and nervous at the same time. I can’t explain it… A part of me is telling me to just do it you know!? Just release the song and see what happens. Another part of me is thinking what if people don’t like it?? I mean, I’m telling my own stories and trying to incorporate language that’s inclusive of everyone black/white, straight/gay… EVERYONE and I get worried at times that people will think it’s too different or just just won’t like it.

I try to use words that aren’t specific to a particular group… You, me, them, they. πŸ˜… It gets complicated at times telling a story with multiple people and I don’t want to use names or something specific.

We think it’s amazing how you try to incorporate zulu and English to serve everyone, tell us about you style of music?

I do RnB/Soul with a bit of Afripop. And I rap and incorporate kasi rap (a South Africa specific type of hip-hop). πŸ˜… And at times switch between the sounds, I rarely every mix the hip-hop with the singing but it’s ALWAYS amazing to rap on a beat that was meant for singing.

How would you describe your forthcoming single?

πŸ˜… Hard to explain but I guess you’ll just have to hear the music.

If I could describe it I guess I would say it’s about 60% – 7

60% – 70% rnb/sound and 30% – 40% Afripop

And the rapping is 30% – 40%melodic rap, 50% poetic (the J. Cole, Kendrick type), 10% kasi rap and Again… Hard to describe a whole style of music but yeah, that’s it. I guess the music will speak for itself.

Don’t forget to check back for when his new single drops, meanwhile, follow demigodThandO on Instagram @Vodka_me