DeJuan Edward is an executive producer and actor who is destined to make it in the entertainment industry. The Detroit native gained his interest in film when his mother worked at the movie theatre and he basically grew up in the movie theatre. DeJuan Edward has been in the film industry for 7 years and this is something that he is beyond passionate about. You could describe his style as versatile which gives him the opportunity to produce in several different genres.

When asked in his opinion, what makes him stand out from other filmmakers, DeJuan Edward responded “What makes me stand out is that I know this is not about me, it’s bigger than me. I am blessed with the opportunity to inspire others through this art form. My goal is to not only produce great films but provide inspiration to others, I want them to use me as fuel to pursue their dreams. If I can do it, they can!”

DeJuan Edward’s favorite type of film has to be Urban Drama hands down. These films are usually based on true stories, experiences of individuals who grew up in these environments. He feels that this is an opportunity to tell his story. One of his major accomplishments this year was giving two extremely talented young women Da’Carla Strong and Elizabeth Foxx their first leading role in “Tina and Lori”. DeJuan Edward believes they are a force to be reckoned with. Ac goal that he hopes to achieve is to continue to grow and build his team. He would also like to produce 3 independent films. His goals for the year are to continue to evolve, becoming not just a better producer/actor, but a better man, father, and partner to others. He is getting ready to drop his projects very soon so stay tuned!

Instagram: DeJuan Ford