Dave Future Utopia Children Of The Internet
Dave Children Of The Internet

Dave addresses the present generation with his new single titled ‘Children Of The Internet.’ On the song, the Brixton rapper speaks on image-editing to fit into society, modern day dating a other topics that most artist shy away from. The record itself belongs to producer Fraser T Smith and will land on his Future Utopia album.

The is about how social media and the internet is disconnecting people from reality, especially the younger generation – the ‘Children of the Internet.’ The song also features a message on the outro from artist and designer ES Devlin.

“I grew up in a good but a changin’ age / My wife and kids- Damon Wayans / When the youth club was everybody’s favourite place / Where if you spoke to a girl then it was face-to-face / Bruh, I seen the heart of the ‘hood turn trendy.” Dave kicks off the first verse.

“You can meet a hundred people without leaving your house / Puttin’ pictures in a frame, a memory in the clouds / You know everybody keeps their memories in the cloud / We finally found a voice and we ain’t speaking as loud / People only wanna listen to the sheep and the crowd.” He continues on the second.

Listen below.