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DaBaby Shares New Song ‘No Dribble’ Ft. Stunna 4 Vegas

DaBaby no dribble video

It seems having the number one song in the country is not enough for DaBaby as he has continues to put out new music regularly. Today he comes through with a new wave titled ‘No Dribble,’ on which he features Salisbury, North Carolina born artist Stunna 4 Vegas.

“I give her dick, she walk out like it’s thriller (Yeah) / She do a dance on a the dick, make a Triller (Dance) / Make a TikTok on the dick, she official (Go) / Check my wrist watch, that’s a motherfuckin’ blizzard (Bling) / Icy, icy, icy, icy, she thinkin’ ’bout sexin’ the nigga, she like me.” DaBaby starts the first verse.

“I’ma shoot a nigga off the dribble (Bow) / I don’t wanna argue, I’m poppin’ his pimple (Pop) / She a freak, give me top through the zipper (Ha) / She dance on the D, I ain’t finna tip her (Uh-uh) / I make her blush, I spent a bunch on my dutch (Blush).” Stunna continues on the second.

Watch the music video directed by Reel Goats below.


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