DaBaby gunfire

Reports have confirmed that a DaBaby event hosted in his home state of North Carolina, Saturday (Oct. 3) was cut short after several shots were fired by unknown individuals.

Details surrounding the shooting are still unclear, the rapper had earlier shared videos of himself flexing with a ton of cash, in the process disclosing his location to fans.

In one of the videos that surfaced on the web, the man behind the camera can clearly be heard saying, “They hit the lady, man. They was shootin’ at us and shot a muthafuckin’ lady … she ain’t die on the scene. I hope that lady makes it to the hospital and survives. Bitch ass n-ggas. Police, too, I ain’t trustin’ none of these n-ggas,” referring to a woman laying on the side of the road, seemingly injured.

Check out one of the clips below.