DaBaby Find My Way

DaBaby makes a comeback to officially kick off his 2020 with a new song titled ‘Find My Way’ which he has been teasing for some time now.

The rapper has been posting videos on social media of himself experimenting with some new flows and it finally looks like he has perfected it enough to present it to his millions of fans.

‘Find My Way’ also arrives with the official music video, the video which is a short film featuring popular influencer, B. Simone. In the video DaBaby and B. Simone are big time hustlers, doing all that is required to get the bag for the rapper’s ailing grandmother.

‘Ooh, I know the feelin’, ain’t it? (Okay) // You ever feel the way I feel, you know it feel amazin’ (Let’s go) // I had this bitch, we used to kick it, she was feelin’ Baby (Mwah, mwah, mwah) // She stepped on my heart, had me feelin’ basic (Damn) // You know how people like to come back when you level up (Uh-huh) // I made a change, you stayed the same, I got ahead of ya // Plus I been tryin’ to free up some time in my schedule, but (Uh-huh).’ The Charlotte, NC rapper raps on the new song.

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Listen to find my way below.

Watch the video below.