Courtney Bell Poverty Stricken

Courtney Bell has released his debut album titled ‘Poverty Stricken’ featuring 15 tracks and guest appearances by Reason, Dcmbr and Janae Lynn.

“The title itself speaks on every impoverished kid in every ghetto across the world. For me it was about speaking on my life in a relatable way telling the forgotten stories,” says Courtney Bell.

Although the project took two years to arrive, Courtney proves that indeed, a patient dog eats the fattest born as he comes through with an effort that will make him and the whole of his city Detroit proud.

Listen below.

Poverty Stricken Tracklisting:

1. GB4
2. 1994/Dealer
3. Garment
4. Ice
5. Dead Beat Skit
6. Hold You Down
7. Feelings
8. Say You Wanna
9. Dear Rap Negus
10. 25 Hours
11. Runaway
12. Commissary
13. Letter To The Game
14. Celebrate
15. PSA