ColFax We Love

ColFax is an artist from Denver, Colorado but currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He is an artist who makes music that is a reflection of everything right and wrong with American Society. He navigates us through the good and the bad, the light and darkness, and how that coexists in the universe around us. As an artist who creates Hip-Hop and Rap music, ColFax likes to speak on topics such as racism, politics, love, heartbreak, violence, and mental health because these are topics that we all experience as people.

When asked why is music a passion of his, ColFax responded, “I loved the art form and the way I get to express myself through it. I fell in love with creating something so personal and putting that out for the world to hear and people genuinely loving it. It’s a great feeling when people tell you they feel and understand “your” pain because they’ve gone through it themselves. I’ve also always had a love for music growing up. It helped me get through a lot in my life as well as coping with some of my personal issues. Music became my “way out”, of staying out of the trouble I was getting into initially. It allowed me to channel my stress, anxiety, anger, insecurities, etc.”

ColFax is no stranger to live performances. He has opened for artists such as Talib Kweli, Yo Gotti, and Freddie Gibbs. He’s also collaborated with artists and producers such as KR, Asaad, Curtis King, Tone Jones just to name a few. An impact that he is looking to make with his music is to show the world it’s fine to be vulnerable as well as confident with yourself and you should never be ashamed to be yourself. ColFax is currently working on the release of his new single “We Love” which is set to drop this month. In the meantime, be sure to check out his music available on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: datsfax

YouTube: ColFax