Rising artist Chris Catlin‘s enthusiasm for music is fueled by the art of feeling, which is more than just a representation of emotion. On his latest releases, both “OtherSide” and “Roses and Flames,” the Caribbean-born artist has mastered the “art of feeling,” combining his hip-hop talents with raw vulnerability and a refreshing blend of reggae-inspired sounds. The melodic track speaks to Catlin’s vulnerable side and showcases emotions in a way that makes the music easy to listen to, and most importantly, humanizing.

“Music speaks to your soul,” Catlin said in a recent interview. “I can listen to a song in a completely different language without knowing a single word and that song can make me feel exactly what it’s meant to, even without knowing a word. That’s what I love about music… It’s all about feeling for me.”

He self-describes his sound as being “smooth and melancholy,” while also incorporating an influence of his musical interests and influences. Chris Catlin is originally from Georgetown, Grand Cayman, and his music reflects the impact of Caribbean culture.

“I grew up in the Caribbean, so that lifestyle and the culture being so musically driven has a clear impact on my sound,” the singer said. “My dad–who was an amazing guitar player–influenced my sound, and I also love artists like Collie Buddz and Popcaan, who embody that dancehall sound,” he added.

On other tracks such “Roses and Flames,” a cheerful, rhythmic piece that touches on a somber subject—death—there Catlin’s father’s are hints of dancehall influence.

“‘Roses and Flames’ was inspired by the death of my father,” Catlin explained. “When he passed I realized it started to hurt less and less the more time passed. This made me understand that the less it hurt, the more his memory faded away. So the song is about hoping the pain stays… The pain is equal to the love.”

Catlin’s newest release tune, “OtherSide,” continues his play on the concept of loss, touching on the loss of a love connection, providing listeners “another side of life where we can learn to let it all go.”

So, where does Chris Catlin go from here? Several projects are now in the works for the vocalist, with a forthcoming reggae project taking center stage.

Though no official release dates for these next projects have been announced, fans of the emerging singer may check out his most recent tracks, “OtherSide” and “Roses and Flames,” below.