Chloe Bailey Shares Debut Song ‘Have Mercy’ — Listen

Chloe Bailey ‘Have Mercy’

Chloe Bailey is not a new name on the block, we are not just used to seeing her appear alone on a song but rather as the other part of Chloe x Halle. Today she is out with her debut single ‘Have Mercy’.

We have seen the 23-year-old star share several covers of different songs on social media to sharing messages about self-love and body positivity. “For every woman out there, don’t change who you are to make society feel comfortable,” the singer said after she was criticized for sharing several sexy videos on social media.

Chloe has also detailed working on a solo studio album which she says is about 90% done, take a look at what she said about the project:

“so my sister and I could promote Ungodly Hour”. She continued, “But in between I was in my bedroom creating at night. I’d be making my own beats and working on songs and ideas for this project that I knew would come, I just didn’t know when.”

Listen to ‘Have Mercy’ below.