Childish Major feeling Hurt

Childish Major Drops Some Major Heat On “Feelings Hurt”.

Childish Major is all about being free with zero drama on his latest sure hit song “Feelings Hurt” which he just shared in the early hours of today. His consistency in the last few weeks will make you suspect that he has a project on the way, having released “For You”, some weeks back.

The song starts like a 1960 hip hop classic with nothing but some melody filled piano strings and radio call up until it finally switched up with the introduction of some heavy 8o8 base. The song also show Childish being savage and crossing the line with words even for him, leaving us to wonder if there has ever being any line holding him back.

“Please don’t take it personal, I barely even know the hoe / Ball fade from a bald head, it’s an Amber Rose”, he says on a line on the dance-able tune accompanied by a heavy baseline.

Listen to “Feelings Hurt” below via youtube and let us know how it makes you feel by leaving a comment below.