Childish Gambino & Rihanna’s ‘Guava Island’ Movie – Watch

Childish gambino guava island
Childish gambino guava island

Watch Childish Gambino, Guava Island

Coachella has always being an event to watch out for, and these year childish gambino & Rihanna “Guava Island” movie just made it more exciting.

No doubt, thousands of people go out year in, year our.

These year is no different as Childish Gambino headlined the first night of week one for Coachella 2019. While performing new music, Mr. Glover confirmed with fans that his long-awaited Guava Island film would be going live soon after.
The The 54-minute film arrived as announced, which co-stars Rihanna. The also project features a mix of animation and live action and showcases Glover’s recent Childish Gambino songs “Summertime Magic” and “This Is America.”

Slow down Childish Gambino, you’re making us look bad.
Oh my, Coachella’s been eventful, to say the least, since opening its doors on Friday afternoon. Ask anyone who saw Childish co-headline the opening – they’ll readily attest to Gambino performance levels being on par with the Beyonce’s and the pregnant Cardi’s of the world – and that’s exactly where he’s positioned in the order of “must see” live performances.

As of this moment, Coachella festivalgoers right in the throes of the action. 12 hours ago, they were under a spell enforced by Donald Glover acting as Childish Gambino, an identity that waxes and wanes in heads, every other month.

Maybe he would have nixed the “Childish Gambino” moniker somewhere along the line (in 2018) had it not been for “This is America” and the doors it opened for him (musically).

During his 2019 Coachella set, Glover jumped into the crowd, performing next to a concert herbalist. Afterward, he previewed new music, premiered his Guava World film project with Rihanna, and took a moment to pay tribute to both Nipsey Hussle and the late Mac Miller – all in a night’s work.

The movie was Directed by Hiro Murai and filmed in Cuba, the film features actors Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie and stars Donald Glover as Deni.

Watch “Guava island” Below

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