Chevron Blue, a Long Beach artist, demonstrates he’s serious about his craft with his new project, Forever Rolling. The album is titled after the producer who wrote it, ForeverRolling. Chevron Blue is definitely someone to keep an eye on, since his talent and rawness in the game are unique.

“I got the name Chevron because it’s symbolic of the stripes I’ve earned in this life,” he said. “Also, the word chevron derives from the Latin word caprio, which is related to the word goat. The V of a sergeant’s Chevrons represent the horns on a goat. Basically, it means I’m the greatest of all time.”

On this project, Chevron Blue shows a lot of growth. With a distinct, diverse bass-filled sound, he offers hard-hitting lyrics that will have you moving. His most recent effort, Forever Rolling, is a four-track record full of energy and diversity, demonstrating his adaptability via his use of “various rhyme schemes” and flows. Chevron Blue confirms himself as Long Beach’s next artist to watch with a perfect EP, as his lyricism, flexibility, and varied sound set him apart from the competition.

While the album is brief, it leaves you wanting more, as one of his finest songs to date, “SockDolager,” makes you not want to leave the house, as the chant “I’m SockDolager” suggests. “Go home, Roger,” the project concludes, and you, like the notorious Roger, do not wish to go. Chevron Blue kicks out his career with hits like “Vandals” and “No Lies,” and his past two albums, Elephants in the Room, 7-Shots, and Death Row vs. Bad Boy, demonstrate that he has something to say, showing himself as an artist with a lot of potential.

Keep up with Chevron Blue on Instagram @chevronbluertc; he’ll be releasing a Deluxe edition of his mixtape, Elephants in the Room, shortly, so keep an eye out for anything new.

Meanwhile, check out Chevron Blue’s newest album, Forever Rolling, below.