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Cardi B New Single “Press” Arrives These Week

Cardi B’s New Single “Press” Arrives These Week

Rapper Cardi B is ready to return to our airwaves these week as she gets ready to drop a brand new single titled ‘Press’, as she shares the cover art on her instagram page.

She has being a little low-key recently when it comes to her personal music, only appearing as featured guess on “Clout” with husband Offset and recently on Dj Khaled’s ‘Father of Asahd‘ album, on which she appeared on “Wish Wish” along side 21 Savage.

She however took on social media to announce the new single which is scheduled to arrive these Friday, May 31st, via a clip where she is seen rapping to the song.

“Press, Press, Press,, Press Press, Cardi don’t need more Press, kill them all, put em hoes to rest, walking bullet proof vest, please tell me who she’s gon check” she can be heard rapping on the high 8o8 kicks filled instrumental as she switched styles.

Millions of fans are already showing love and support by commenting and anticipating the new release, no doubt it is going to be a hit, from what we have heard, it sounds like one already.

Please leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on the forthcoming single and your expectations, and don’t forget to check back, Friday for it when it drops, as we promise to keep you updated.