Cardi B coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus has put the global community in fear, many celebrities have kept their opinion on the matter to themselves, although it has affected shows and tours, forcing them to cancel.

Cardi b took to Instagram questioning the seriousness of the situation not hiding her emotions. Take a look below.

“Government, let me tell y’all mutahfuckas something,” she shouted in the clip. “I don’t know what the fuck this coronavirus is about. I don’t understand how this shit was from Wuhan, China, now all of the sudden this shit is on muthafuckin’ tour. And let me tell y’all something, I ain’t even gonna front. A bitch is scared. I’m a little scared. You know what I’m saying? Like, shit got me panicking.”

“A lot of you muthafuckas think it’s a joke like I was thinking, right?” she added. “But that shit right there, just because you think you’re immune to it, guess what? You probably ain’t bitch ’cause a lot of that shit comes from muthafuckin’ China, bitch.

“So if you wonder where your muthafuckin’ weave or your Fashion Nova muthafuckin’ packages haven’t arrived, guess what bitch? Coronavirus [laughs]! Coronavirus! I’m tellin’ you, shit is real! Shit is getting real.”

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