Cardi B

Cardi B as we all know is a big fan of expensive bags and purses as we have seen severally in her Instagram videos and photos. On Sunday, December 6, The ‘Kodak Yellow’ rapper took to twitter to get the opinion of fans on whether she should pay for a purse worth $88,000.

“Should I spend 88K for this damn purse,” she wrote. “Omggg it’s tempting.” She wrote, but it seems some fans were not too happy with her question as they saw it as a waste on money at a time when people needed help globally.

“Cardi we are going through a really rough time right now & a lot of people r scared that they won’t even be able to put a roof over their heads or food on the table,” one fan responded. “I love you but we r still going through Covid and the government isn’t doing shit to help us and hasn’t 4 months.”

“Donate 88k to a charity for people that need help right now, U know the people that buy your music to perhaps get thru these shitty time’s…idk jus sayin.” Another person said.

Cardi fired back at fans showing them receipt of some of the donations she has made, challenging them to show her how much they’ve donated and promised she would match their efforts with a donation of her own to charity.

She later apologized for her outburst and ended the night undecided on whether to get the purse or not.