Cardi B Rah Ali

Cardi B took to twitter Wednesday night to share an Instagram screenshot of a post by Onsite, a radio show hosted by Rah Ali. The screenshot featured a tweet that appeared to be written by Cardi B but Cardi denied ever putting out such a message.

“How you posting fake tweets of me ? I been clarify this months ago ! When these weirdos make this fake shit up .I never wrote this on my twitter and I put that ON MY CHILD! I understand bitches don’t like me but to put a whole fake tweet about me trying to start Shìt.” She shared on twitter.

When Rah Ali caught sight of the post, she decided to take a different approach by calling out the rapper accusing her of sneak dissing.

“Get off twitter sneak dissing, your husband in the other room on that video game, texting hoes again.”

Cardi B then threatened to expose Rah Ali’s own relationship.

“NOBODY IS SNEAK DISSING IM TALKING ABOUT YOU !Lets not talk about husbands cause I will put your whole situation on blast .I dm you if you wanna deal shit like women!Idc what you post about me .DONT POST LIES!Thats not how you brand .”

Ali responded that her marriage was solid bringing Cardi B’s friend Star Brim into the conversation by bringing up to an old argument they had.

“Ouuu baby, lets do it. Your lame friend already ATTEMPTED that, my union is SOLID. So please, give it your best shot, so I can make a complete mockery out of you.”

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Check out the rest of the tweets below.

Cardi B Rah Ali

Cardi B Rah Ali