Caleb Landry Jones ne album Gadzooks Vol. 1

Actor Caleb Landry Jones has announced the arrival of his new studio album ‘Gadzooks Vol. 1,’ the album which serves as the follow-up to last year’s ‘The Mother Stone’ project was Albuquerque, New Mexico while filming the dystopian themed film, Finch, alongside Tom Hanks.

Speaking on the album, Caleb Landry Jones said:

“I stole from what was around me, what fell out of the television, what passed below my windows, relationships, old and new. My frustrations, desires, day dreams and fears scattered themselves throughout my writing. It is a direct response to the album before it. I felt whatever I wrote next needed to be more consistent. I knew that I wanted to put everything down on tape. I wanted the same players as before but to go further.”

“The perspectives from which I write, jump erratically and can turn on a dime,” he adds. “Others grow and burn, only to sometimes vanish on the spot, just before the hat drops… My intention is to not rob the listener of their own fantasies by describing the annals of purpose which in turn, only unearth a fragile magic. I am interested only in the album’s response by its audience. The album is there to be digested, not by the front of your brain, but by the back. It is for the lover of labyrinths and quagmires.”

The announcement comes with a new song ‘Bogie’ which you can listen to below. The entire album will feature 9 tracks.

‘Gadzooks Vol. 1’ Tracklist:

1. Never Wet
2. Yesterday Will Come
3. The Loon
4. Bogie
5. Gloria
6. California
7. For A Short Time
8. A Slice of Dream
9. This Won’t Come Back