Cadz is originally from Columbia but moved to the states when he was a kid. Now living in Miami, FL, Cadz is now making a name for himself as a talented artist with something to prove. Cadz just released his first-ever track, called  “Entertaining You,” which is about not entertaining toxic people and relationships, calling quits with a cycle of toxicity. 

“My debut single is called ‘Entertaining You’ and this is my first single ever as an artist which is already mind-blowing to me because I never thought I would have the opportunity to do it, but I was inspired by the sounds of reggaeton and pop music with like a splash of hip-hop/trap.”

Cadz’s first lead single is a heartfelt anthem, meant to relate with his audience and anyone who has felt the difficulty of a toxic relationship. The song, even though it is about breaking up, is still a fun track. From the beat to the cadence, Cadz delivers a fun and poppy track that will get you singing, dancing, and cursing your ex. 

The song blends different genres, blending Urbano Latino/Reggaeton, Pop, Trap, and Hip Hop flair. Cadz has been able to make his style of unique sounds and beats. The song maintains a f–k you energy towards an ex, which will have you gladly singing and dancing along, yelling, “I WON’T BE ENTERTAINING YOU!” 

The song for being as irritated as it sounds in the lyrics is still a poppy track with the influences of Miami’s Reggaeton sound — Cadz’s release is sure to awe. He balances all genres into one individual and overall enjoyable sound. 

Cadz credits his sound to artists like “Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, Lizzo, Bruno Mars, Mallrat, We The Kings, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce,” specifying the most significant influences have been Lizzo and Bad Bunny.

“I would compare it as if Bad Bunny and Lizzo created a fusion — that would be me,” Cadz said.  

Cadz first release is an impressive feat. If this is what we can expect from the rising starlite, Cadz will be blessing us with more introspective, engaging, and poppy tracks to come. Be sure to check out Cadz on Social Media to see any new music at his IG: @cadzofficial, Youtube:, and even his Website: 

Listen to Cadz’s debut single, “Entertaining You,” below!