RM Kim Namjoon Birthday

BTS and K-pop fans all around the world are celebrating the 27th birthday of RM (Kim Namjoon), the leader of the famous multi-award-winning Asian boy band BTS.

Fans have been quick to nickname Sept. 12, “Namjoon Day” and have set up personal goals for themselves such as massively streaming some of RM’s old songs and the group’s songs in general and getting them to higher numbers on streaming platforms. Fans always seem to have something interesting planned for his birthdays.

Last year, ARMYs helped to plant a forest of trees in Seoul, South Korea. According to Newsweek, “fans donated nearly $10,000 to plant the trees, in honor of RM’s commitment to environmental issues.”

This year, fans are throwing a party with virtual galleries, forest fundraisers, donation drives and many other events, it is for sure going to be a crazy day for the BTS leader and rapper. Take a look at some of the birthday wishes fans have sent so far.

Happy 27th birthday to the talented leader of BTS, RM!

The rapper, songwriter, and record producer has racked up various awards and achievements. His records have included highest charting Korean soloist on the Billboard 200 (2018), among many other outstanding milestones.

Another fan wrote:

If empathy was a person, it would be Kim Namjoon. Refining the edges of his being, he has fully embodied the meaning of love. An inspiration to everyone, today, we celebrate Namjoon’s birthday, recalling all the moments he comforted us and helped us grow. Happy Birthday, leader!

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