Bryson Tiller new album Anniversary
Bryson Tiller

Fresh off the release of the deluxe edition of his debut album TRAPSOUL featuring some of his previously released songs such as ‘Just Another Interlude’, ‘Self Righteous’ and ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ with The Weekend which never made it to streaming platforms.

Bryson Tiller has announced that he will be releasing a new album titled Anniversary this Friday. “Real fans know the countdown started months ago. Anniversary 10/2,” he twitted hinting that the project will arrive on the 5th anniversary (Oct. 2) of his debut.

“This album is a different energy. There’s a clear difference with this album and True to Self,” Tiller told Billboard. “I can’t afford to bring my C-game now — not for my two daughters. It’s just my A-game here on out.”

“A lot of people don’t know this, but before the album even came out, I didn’t want it out. I was in the studio and I was upset. People were like, ‘Hey, I heard your album is done. I can’t wait to hear it,’ and I was like, ‘Listen. Don’t even bother.’ he told Carl Lamarre about his last album.