Bryson Tiller sorrows video

Bryson Tiller is planning to release a ton of music in the coming months, the Louisville crooner recently revealed that his forthcoming project ‘Serenity’ will be a triple album featuring rap, R&B, and pop.

“Over the years, I realized how much fu**in’ music I had for Serenity, all this different shit, so Serenity is not one album, it’s three albums,” he told fans during a Twitch livestream. “It’s three volumes of the albums—one is a rap album, one is an R&B album, and then one is a pop album.”

While we continue to wait for the follow-up to his recently released album ‘Anniversary‘ to happen, Tiller has gone ahead to drop a video for one of the tracks titled ‘Sorrows’ which appeared on the album.

In the video, we find the singer in the desert of Egypt, journeying through time and space in pursuit of his love interest before falling down from the sky as time literally stands still.

Watch the visuals for sorrow below.