Kevin D. Jackson Jr. also known as BrokeTilFriday is a Los Angeles artist who delivers that West Coast sound. He is the type of artist who is staying focused while striving for greatness. BrokeTilFriday is just getting started, but he already has the first few songs under his belt.

When asked where his musical inspiration comes from, BrokeTilFriday responded “Real-life experiences, where I grew up, the environment I grew in, how I was raised & who raised me.”

Overall, BrokeTilFriday is a unique original artist who is in love with being his true authentic self. What sets his brand from the rest, he feels like everyone can relate to being at their lowest point and strive for something better to get to a certain point. The video for his track “Unconditional” is out now and you can tap into his music on all streaming services!

Instagram: Broketilfriday4

YouTube: BrokeTilFriday4