brodinski Doe Boy Gang

French DJ and musician Brodinski links up with Doe Boy for his latest track titled “Gang” off the Parisian beatsmith’s upcoming album ‘Evil World’.

Take a look at all he had to say about the single and forthcoming album which follows his 2015 album Brava. in a recent interview.

“I recorded this in Atlanta with Doe Boy a while ago now but I think he’s been evolving as one of the most interesting and solid street artists in recent years,” Brodinski explained of the track. “Originally from Ohio, he’s been affiliated with Freebandz and been cultivating his unique style even more recently. I’m honored to have him on the project, that’s also why I wanted to bring him into some new territories and sounds with ‘Gang’.”

Touching on Evil World, Brodinski unpacked the upcoming project’s origins and what listeners can expect of the 11-track album. “Evil World is a concept I started to think about last November 2018. As I was continuing to learn and explore the deep seas of electronic experimentations mixed with trap music, I decided it was time to put another mixtape together,” he said. “It started with several sounds and a few recordings here and there but as soon as I got 4 tracks that sounded well together I knew I was on the right path.” He added, “I would still love to compare it to one of my DJ sets if I was arrogant enough to only play my own tracks (I actually rarely play my own music, and use to don’t at all) but it’s also definitely made for driving, preferably at night.”

“I put together 11 tracks including features from some of my favorite rappers at the moment, like Reddo, NgeeYL, Simesito, 645ar and Xanman but also more established figures like Splurge or Doe Boy,” Brodinski revealed. “With trap extending its frontier days after days, I wanted to go even further in the experimentation on Evil World, and it was based on the principle of having all rappers on very different type of beats/music, pushing through even more and trying to write the future.”

Listen to gang below and let us know what you think.