Brent Faiyaz & 2 Chainz Connect On ‘F*ck the World’ Remix

Brent Faiyaz 2 Chainz F*ck the World Remix

Columbia, Maryland born artist Brent Faiyaz is back with the remix of his lead single ‘F*ck the World‘ off his latest album of the same name. He calls on the assistance of 2 Chainz to help him do justice to the song which is available for streaming below on Spotify Music and YouTube.

“Don’t open your mouth if you ain’t speaking good to me / I ain’t built like him / You fuckin’ with a G / Just ’cause I fuck you, that don’t mean I trust you, I don’t / You got some high hopes / High hopes, baby / Fuck me crazy and I’ll tell you ’bout me.” Brent Faiyaz kicks off the first verse.

“Breath of fresh air from the bando, the bucket / You was so far right headed / I catch up, I mustard, that saucy
Not Ross but bossy (Bossy) / Put her legs in the air now I’m [?] after that car seat (Ooh) / Hand on her batty (Batty) / Lower back, arch it (Arch it) / Crib in LA, I go next door to party (Yeah).” 2 Chainz continues on the second.

Listen to ‘F*ck the World’ Remix below.

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