BREE RUNWAY Hot Hot New Song

Bree Runway has taken to Instagram to announce that her new song titled ‘Hot Hot’ will be dropping this Wednesday, (31st April)!. The new song serves as the follow-up to her ‘2000AND4EVA’ mixtape which arrived back in November 2020.

The BBC Sound Of 2021 nominee gained recognition from many great artists in 2020 while the world was on lockdown which saw her collaborate with Missy Elliott and many others before even the arrival of her debut album. She spoke with Vogue about rising to the top at a difficult time and staying inspired.

“Everyday life. I can make music out of anything. Even that phone ringing, I could sample that. I grew up listening to Missy, Britney, Kelis, Lil Kim, Grace Jones, all the eccentric, out-there women. And men like Freddie Mercury, David Bowie. Those are my peopledem.”

“I’m currently listening to old Latin music from like the 1970s, old Daddy Yankee, and also Kate Bush. I don’t want to sound shady but music was just more experimental before. I feel like people experimented with sounds and crossed genres. It just gives me assurance in myself that what I’m doing isn’t so strange or left.

“It’s been done in different ways. You just need to focus on nourishing your way. I’m from here, but I don’t make Afropop or Afroswing or whatever. My genre is very much a fluid thing. You close your eyes for a minute… She’s a country singer. Oh, she’s a rock star. This is my comfort, this quirky eccentric world.”