Boosie Talk Dat Sh*t album tracklist

Boosie has being absent musically for some time now though very present on social media entertaining his fans through the many jokes he tweets. Just the other day he was seen humorously joking about the death of a friend who allegedly betrayed him in the past.

“That boy died in his sleep the other day, man,” he said. “That boy outta here man, that boy outta here, man. That boy died in his sleep. God [is] good.”

“Fresh out 10 years and you die in your sleep. Lord Jesus, you are a good man,” he continued.

“God ain’t let you slide…and this nigga was my homie. God ain’t let you slide,” he said. “The boy done fucking died in his sleep. God is good.”

The 36 years old Baton Rouge, Louisiana born announced that he will release a new album titled Talk Dat Sh*t on his birthday, Nov. 14th. A 14-track project with guess appearance from Mulatto. Check it out below.