A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Don Q Flood My Wrist

It seems A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie doesn’t know how to take a break, fresh off the release of the deluxe edition of his chart ranking studio ‘Artist 2.0’ album which was originally released in February.

He links up with his artist Don Q for a new song titled ‘Flood My Wrist’ featuring ‘Sasuke‘ rapper Lil Uzi Vert and its all about watches and bling.

“Flood my wrist (Flood my wrist) // Watch too thick (Watch too thick now) // VVs hit (Ah) Elliot style (Elliot style), mm // .30 clip (.30 clip).” A Boogie starts the song on a high note.

“Big ol’ drip (Drip, drip) // Make a bitch like my pic’ (Let’s go, let’s go), oh, yeah // She’s so thick, hit the bitch once, don’t miss, oh, yeah (Yeah, yeah) // I’m so rich, yeah, I could bust down a whole ‘nother wrist (Let’s go) // I drive my double R on with the stick // Yeah, when I go to the club, make it rain.” Lil Uzi Vert continues on the first verse before Don Q concludes with an impressive second verse.

Listen to Flood My Wrist below.