Bnny August

Bnny is set to release their forthcoming debut album ‘Everything’ on August 20 via Fire Talk, the band led by Jess Viscius alongside her twin sister Alexa Viscius, plus best friends Tim Makowski, Matt Pelkey, and Adam Schubert has today shared a new single ‘August’.

“‘August’ is about fleeting summer nights in the hazy heat of Chicago,” band leader Jess Viscius explained in a statement. “It’s about knowing what’s best for you and doing the exact opposite. It’s about the lies we tell ourselves to keep going.”

On ‘Everything’ Viscius toyed with the idea of only releasing the songs she wrote following her partner’s passing—the mournful, more pensive, and less castigating songs that make up the album’s second half.

“I don’t cry often, generally I’m not super emotional,” Viscius says. “But when I sit down to play guitar, I can get in touch with the side of myself that I only know exists when I’m writing.”

Listen to ‘August’ below.

Everything Tracklist:

1. Ambulance
2. August
3. Promises
4. Take That Back
5. Time Walk
6. So Wrong
7. Sure
8. Not Even You
9. Blind
10. Dreaming
11. Thaw
12. Little Flower
13. Stardust
14. Voice Memo