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Blueface Is Out To Get More On New Song “Bag”

Blueface has continued growing over the pass few months, gaining momentum and increasing his fan base with every song, and today, he delivers “Bag” featuring Westside Tut.

It is clear to see that he has no limits and can come up with surprises such as these one at any moment, his hit single “Thotiana” was a huge success, receiving thousands of air plays and a tremendous amount of views on youtube, he also did a remix of the song with cardi B and YG, also also delivered a follow up “Stop Cappin” early these week which was also huge and now he comes through with “Bag”.

Many people complain that Blueface has being offbeat on every song and rapping in that “talking” style but we think he’s great and he is just trying to be unique, he is currently readying his upcoming major debut album, Famous Cryp, which is slated for a release date of June 20th, without a doubt, it will be something to watch out for.

Listen to Bag below and let us know what of think about the new song and his forthcoming album by leaving a comment for us via our commenting platform.

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