Bloxx Pop Culture Radio Ep New Song Magnet

Bloxx are ready to make a comeback with a new project on 13th August via Chess Club Records, the band has announced the release of their new Ep ‘Pop Culture Radio’.

The project serves as the follow-up to their debut album ‘Lie Out Loud,’ they recently shared a new track ‘Everything I’ve Ever Learned’ back in March this year. The news comes with the arrival of a new song ‘Magnet,’ you can listen to it below.

The Ep will feature just four songs, including the recent release, speaking on Magnet, the band’s Fee Booth said:

“Other than having the best bass riff I ever wrote, ‘Magnet’ is a bit of a juxtaposition. It tackles both the opposite attraction of magnets (South to North Pole) and the way the same two poles will repel against each other. It’s about being always “pulled” apart by someone and the way you clash, but always want to keep trying.”

Listen to Magnet below.

‘Pop Culture Radio’ Tracklist:

1. Everything I’ve Ever Learned
2. Magnet
3. Pop Culture Radio
4. Emily