BlocBoy JB Holy Moly

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Ever since BlocBoy JB delivered “Look Alive” with Drake he has being blowing up our speakers with wave after wave, today he thrills us with “Holy Moly”

His look alive song track became a definitive anthem of 2018 and it seemed nearly impossible to go anywhere without hearing it on the radio. Unfortunately, every other single BlocBoy released since then hasn’t had the same type of impact. BlocBoy’s been dishing out a ton of singles in recent times on a damn-near weekly basis.

Its not really sure if BlocBoy JB has a new project on the way but he has been holding fans over with new singles. His latest single, “Holy Moly,” arrived earlier today along with a visual accompaniment. The single follows the release of “Don’t Be Mad” which arrived earlier this week.

“I might act a fool tonight, Pull up on your block and then shoot the night, Aim for the leg, hit that boy in the head, Guess that boy wasn’t movin’ right”, He flows on the new track. We hope he finds what works for him and skyrockets him to the top because he has being putting in so much work and energy that we feel he deserves better, take a listen to the new vibe and let us know what you think by leaving a comment for us below.

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