Blac Youngsta pulls gun during show

Blac Youngsta during a recent show at Exquis in North Charleston on Thursday night appeared to pull out a gun after the crowed reportedly got hostile.

A video has appeared online which shows the Memphis rapper addressing a group of individuals in self defense, a group which some have reported those opposing the rapper to be gang members.

“I don’t know y’all bruh,” he can heard in the video saying. “I don’t have no problems with y’all, bruh. But we strapped, we with whatever y’all with, bruh … We don’t give no fuck, bruh. Let me do my show, I’ma come outside, we gon’ deal with that. I’ma do my show, we gon’ come out an deal with y’all.”

The rapper tried to keep the show going but kept on been berated by the crowd who eventually started trowing chairs at him. After a couple of songs, it appears like someone passes Blac what appears to be a gun with an extended clip.

Blac lifts the weapon over his shoulder as he and his crew move toward what looks like a dressing room while items are still being thrown at them.

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