Billie Eilish My Future new song

Billie Eilish comes through with her latest offering titled My Future which she has been teasing for some time now via social media, available for streaming below via Spotify music and YouTube.

The new song serves as her first since her “No Time to Die” James Bond soundtrack. Billie has also previously shared an animation-centered cover art prior to the release and is reportedly working on her new album which she said will arrive these year.

“we wrote this at the very beginning of quarantine. it’s a song that’s really really personal and special to me. when we wrote this song, it was exactly where my head was at – hopeful, excited and a craaaazy amount of self reflection and self growth. but recently it has also taken on a lot of new meaning in the context of what’s happening in the world now. i hope you can all find meaning in it for yourselves.” Billie wrote in an email she sent to her fans.

“As much ‘my future’ is a song about personal growth and being content, it’s now, more than ever, I listen to it; I’m like, ‘Wow, this is actually is super relevant to right now.’ And our future as a world and as a people and I… It’s crazy when you can get to a point in life where hope itself feels hopeless,” she said. “It feels hopeless to hope for stuff. Should you even be wishing? Should you even be hopeful? It’s like, is it even worth it? That’s insane, but that’s where we are at this point. We can’t… We need the music. We need the hope.” She Apples Zane Lowe.

Listen below.