Big Sean and Travis Scott Zen Lithuania

Travis Scott is known for playing new unreleased songs on his Beats 1 Radio show .WAV RADIO, on today’s episode of the show Travis delighted fans with two (2) Big Sean unreleased songs ‘ZEN’ and ‘Lithuania’ on which he is featured on.

Big Sean has been teasing his Detroit 2 album for some time now. Back in March, he shared a new trailer for the upcoming 5th album where he talks about the inspiration behind creating it, how he has kept himself inspired and more. He was also seen in studio with Hit-Boy, Young Thug, Ty Dolla Sign and more.

“Hol’ up, I’m losin’ my mind ’cause people keep talkin’ / Niggas be lyin’, bitches be cryin’ / I be like “God, please slow down, one at a time” / And they all want dips and they want percentages.” The two rap on the first verse on Zen.

From the preview, Lithuania also seems to be a sure banger. “Bitch, I’m back, and it’s up, PSA (Woah)
I’m too fleek to take off all my shit at TSA (Fleek), I know we met today but I’ma need that shit today (Straight up), Might go extra extra just so I could see they phase (Straight up, X).” They rap on Lithuania.

Listen to Zen below.

Listen to Lithuania below.