California based rapper, BG Fa$t brings us his New age gangsta rap. In an interview he mentioned that “Growing up [he] listened to a lot of 2pac, and Eminem, then it was T.i. and Lil Wayne, [he] like[d] knowing that you don’t have to have a great education to be great with words and use them to advance in life.” In 2017, he was released from prison and that’s when he finally invested in his music career. He explains how he can come up with new music as well very quickly because he feels like his life is a movie.

He’s been working in the industry for about 3 years now and is hoping he can be at the top of producing and writing for movies all while coming out with hits for his fans. It is no secret that BG Fa$t loves movies and is hoping to one day finance his own film.

Over the years he’s worked with different artists including Drakeo The Ruler who he recently dropped his latest single with titled “The Realest”.

His focus is now to become financially stable for his children and any chance he gets when he’s not in the studio he likes to walk his dog and spend time on hikes with them.

BG Fa$t lives by this specific motto, “Never do anything you wouldn’t want your kids to find out about”.

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