Bankroll Got It, is someone you’ll definitely want to keep on your radar. From the catchy tagline to the exquisite production in all of their records, the mysterious producer duo is behind some of the hottest music in the game and secured some of the dopest talent under their portfolio. E-40, Calboy, Mulatto, Asian Doll, Lil Gotit, PPCocaine, Kalan.FrFr, and Drakeo The Ruler are just some of the notable talents that they’ve worked with — and they have no plans of slowing down any time soon.

These Bay Area duos is composed of two brothers, Joel and Taylor Banks. Bringing something different to the table. Securing their portfolio with a list of high-profile talent, the two only have plans to expand their musical reach.

Music is so impactful and powerful and is such a big part of most people’s lives,” they said in a recent interview. “Hearing a song you produce on the radio or in the club is such a crazy feeling. To watch people react and go crazy to a record and just be happy in that moment is special.

The duo had an extensive background in music before they decided to quit their full-time jobs to pursue it seriously. When asked about what ultimately inspired them to dedicate themselves to a music career, Joel and Taylor each responded with their reasons.

Joel: “I always knew I was going to be a music producer, and I would do whatever it took. I was addicted to it, and worked 24/7 on beats even while working full time. I never gave up and after working 12 years on music, I finally got my first major label placement as Bankroll Got It.

Taylor: “We stacked a few more placements and our sound started to gain traction with Mulatto “Bitch from Da Souf” and Lil Gotit “Da Real Hoodbabies”.  A lot more opportunities started coming our way and we started to make a little bit of money. The problem was we had to pass on most of these opportunities because we were still balancing our full time jobs. I felt that if we waited any longer we could miss our wave, and I didn’t want to risk that. It took a few months for me to convince Joel to go for it, but soon after we signed on our manager Sean, we quit our jobs and moved down to LA to build our first studio.”

Much of their upbringing consisted of watching music videos on MTV Jams and BET, which is when they got their first early influences.

Growing up in the 90s in California, Dr. Dre was our favorite and he is a big influence on our sound,” they said. “He taught us the importance of hard-hitting drums, simple melodies, and being a perfectionist with sound selection and mixes.

Check out their portfolio of songs they’ve produced on the Spotify playlist below, and keep up with what they have coming next on Instagram @bankrollgotit.