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Bad Bunny & Los Rivera celebrate fathers day in a special way by releasing a new song titled “Flor”, which aims to challenge machismo and society’s preconceived expectations of men. “Flor” aims to challenge the stereotypical definition of “fatherhood.”

The entire song and video is aimed at celebrating all fathers around the world and the difficult role they play in a chileds life, it highlights the different types of fathers and the importance of their influence.

It is without a doubt that it makes total sense when it comes to kids and their dads, children grow up looking at their dads as their super hero’s and its really the father which inspires children to grow up to be strong and more active individuals.

Take a look at what Los Rivera had to say when speaking on what inspired the song.

“Flor,” as the song says, is a dream come true, given the importance of gifting a song to our fathers and the opportunity to collaborate with Benito Antonio Martinez aka Bad Bunny. The song started cooking from the first moment we went out to lunch with Benito. Using the phrase “de una flor a una flor,” we were looking for a way to add a sensitivity to children’s relationship with fathers. We want to celebrate fatherhood from an honest point of view and with a floral symbol that is usually related to mothers.

Ismael Cancel, Ileana Cabra, David Díaz and Enrique “Kike” Serrano were responsible for developing the perfect musical atmosphere for us and Benito so that we could create a bolero with the vibes of Cheo Feliciano, Joe Cuba and Los Hispanos quartet.

This song aims to challenge stereotypes of the definition of “fatherhood.” This song highlights all the types of father figures out there – celebrating all of those people who occupy this role in a child’s life.

Watch the accompanied video below and let us know what you think below.

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