Bankroll Bigg, an Atlanta musician, has released his EP Two Words One Finger, which gives listeners a “real, raw, and organic” glimpse into his life. He also gave fans a video for the song “Ain’t Going Broke,” which you can see below.

Bankroll Bigg’s “Ain’t Going Broke” is a solid debut. This year, he comes out swinging and makes it clear that he’s not someone to mess with. The video takes viewers on a trip to illustrate how Bankroll Bigg is able to distinguish out from the crowd and demonstrate his lyricism as someone who has something to prove.

The album’s title, “Two Words One Finger,” can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Audiences may believe it means “F-You” or anything else based on their initial impression. Depending on the music you’re listening to, it might also imply “Chosen One” or “Number One.”

Apart from two features from fellow Atlanta musicians, Jay Vannie and Skooly, the eight-track cassette is Bankroll Bigg recalling his experiences in a city he adores, and he makes sure to convey the good, the bad, and the ugly. In a recent interview, he claimed, “I’m truly from the gutter, all over the city [of Atlanta].” “I had already seen everything before I was ready to leap off the porch. My experiences in the military and on the streets influenced who I am today.”

In the opening tune “Double Cup,” Bankroll describes his shift from “hustling and trapping” and cutting hair to becoming legit and pursuing a career in music, singing about his hyper-focus on wanting to be so successful that if it isn’t about generating money, he doesn’t have time for it. He proves why he is the “chosen one” rapping each song with a Southern flair that only an Atlanta native could possess, whether showcasing what his money can afford him from clothing to ladies in “Pay Up” or the confident sounding “I Know It.”

Two Words One Finger follows his solemn-sounding song “Jaded” with a more cheerful tone, despite some of its harsh subject matter, making it suitable to keep in rotation for the summer.

Bankroll’s “modest, hungry, experienced, and flexible” project may be streamed below. You can also follow him on Instagram at @bankroll bigg.