Aminé Compensating

Aminé is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming second studio album titled ‘Limbo.’ Today he releases the third single from the project. The single is titled ‘Compensating‘ featuring Young Thug.

The track follows his previously released singles “Shimmy” and “Riri.” “I was in Toronto working with T-Minus on this song and I put the hook together and then Minus told me he had a session with Thug and he thought that we would mesh well together on this song. And he was the one who kind of quarterbacked the whole thing,” Aminé said about the track to Zane Lowe on Apple Music.

“The only time I’ve ever met Thug before that was I was in Europe and he walked up to me at some festival, I think where it was way out west or some, and he walked up to me and called me a young legend and I never forgot that moment. I never forgot that moment. Everything he does is just him. It’s never too thought of, he really just is himself. It’s like real life alien,”

“And you-and you-and you know why (Yuh) // You’ve been fuckin’ with me since I was a small fry (True) // And your ex-man (Yuh), that’s my lil’ guy (Yuh) // I know some niggas that’ll kick em to the coast lines (True) // I’m a West Side nigga, we don’t show signs (No) // You got some fake friends, they just toe lines (Yeah).” Aminé starts the verse.

“Bad baby, from the back, baby (Let’s go) // I hurt her heart for spirits and it crash, baby (Skrrt) // I toast it up and pour it out the glass baby (Pour) // I tripled up, I doubled up, I ranned it up, that fucked it up // The black and orange Aventador like Daffy Duck (Skrrt).” He continues with Young Thug on the second.

Listen to Compensating below.