Alicia Lov‘s dancehall-esque sound is praised for its flawless adaptation. Her new single “Talk” is a fun, energetic tune that’s great for summer. The single was also accompanied by a video, which wonderfully complements the song’s narrative component. As she transitions from one sound to the next, it’s apparent that Alicia Lov isn’t restricted to a particular genre and can hold her own in every song.

“I feel like it was honestly pretty easy to tap into what I needed to get this down on paper, mostly because the situation I wrote about was happening around the same time as I wrote the song,” Alicia Lov said in a the recent interview. “So the frustration and hurt was pretty fresh when I went to turn it into a song. I find that it’s easiest to write about what you’re feeling in that moment rather than trying to tap into something that happened in the past, however there’s a lot in the past that I like writing about as well, but it can be a more challenging.”

“Talk,” a summertime anthem, taps into her natural creative brilliance in ways that pique the interest of her adoring fans. Her searing timbres fling themselves over the track in a way that is a force to be reckoned with.

Alicia Lov has the ability to draw the audience’s attention to her impressive driving skills while expressing self-assurance. Alicia Lov’s story is one of personal experience, presented via a variety of harmonies that hit us with a powerful wave of truth.

Alicia Lov’s familiar words serve as a therapeutic representation of going through the motions after former love, touching on a previous relationship in which the energy she shared with someone close to her was not reciprocated.

Alicia Lov has us swept away by her music as she buoyantly sweeps us off our feet and into an authentic representation of who she is and where her emotions lie, combining a reflective state of mind with the spellbinding essence propelled by the fusion of passion-fueled vocals and entrancing instrumentation.

We’ll sway to the enticing rhythms that Alicia Lov provides with “Talk,” which easily slips into the repeat button’s repetition.

Take a look at the video below.