Alicia Keys Show Me Love

Alicia Keys has being off the grid for some time now, her last album dates back three years but at last, it looks like she might bless us with the project we have always wanted as she links up with Miguel on her latest track “Show Me Love”, the follow-up to her “Raise A Man” song released earlier this year.

“The many experiences of love: self love, love with another, love from creating, spiritual love,” Alicia Keys says of matching video. “The push, the pull, the struggle, the joy, the eventual peace. ‘Show Me Love’ is a visual sonic expression of that. What part of the journey are you on?”

“Show me love like / You see red lights / You crashed in it like / A deer inside of headlights,” sings Alicia, while Miguel responds, “Yeah I show you love like / It was passionate / I just wanna bask in it / Winning like a championship.”

As their chemistry can be felt from miles away on the powerful new duet which arrives alongside it’s video featuring appearances from Michael B. Jordan and Zoe Saldana. Watch below and let us know what you think.