Ahksxma is an artist of pure passion and diligence who curates heartfelt music that touches multiple corners of the earth along with many demographics. Smoothness within his delivery and craftiness in wordplay are on full display twenty four hours daily.

To showcase his talents further he hoped on budding multimedia platform Pain In The Mic for a lit performance with single “Charlie Sheen.” The lyrics of the track are present on screen while the Philadelphian performs the song effortlessly.

His music consists of him recounting his days on lockdown and struggling to get to the point of his life to where he is at. He’s real as it gets and want listeners to feel comfortable knowing that he speaks for them.

It bodes well for his future as he sets to release new music very soon. Ahksxma is hungry and wants the whole world to feel his passion. The video is on YouTube and feel free to check out his music on all platforms.