Adia Victoria New Album A Southern Gothic Song Magnolia Blue

Adia Victoria channels the black brilliance of the past for her new album, the singer-songwriter has announced the release of her new album ‘Southern Gothic,’ the news comes with a new song ‘Magnolia Blue’.

The album which serves as the follow-up to her 2019’s Silences lands features guest appearances from Matt Berninger, Stone Jack Jones, Kyshona Armstrong, Margo Price and Jason Isbell. Take a look at the full tracklist below.

Speaking on the new song Magnolia Blue, Adia Victoria said:

“In an unpublished manuscript in 1933, William Faulkner spoke on the Southerner’s ‘need to talk, to tell, since oratory is our heritage.’

After a year spent in my room in Nashville, I wondered what stories I had to tell. Often the only view of the South beyond my window was the magnolia tree in my backyard. It blocked the rest of the world from my sight. I limited my gaze to its limbs, its leaves and the obscene bloom of its iconic white flower.

The magnolia has stood as an integral symbol of Southern myth making, romanticism, the Lost Cause of the Confederates and the white washing of Southern memory. ‘Magnolia Blues’ is a reclaiming of the magnolia – an unburdening if its limbs of the lies it has stood for. This song centers the narrative of a Black Southern woman’s furious quest to find her way back home to the South under the shade of her Magnolia.

‘Magnolia Blues’ is an ode to Southern Black folk—too often hemmed out of what we mean when we say ‘Southerner’ – and it is also an ode to the South itself.  To rescue it from – in the words of William Faulkner –  ‘a make believe region of swords and magnolias and mockingbirds which perhaps never existed.’”

A Southern Gothic Tracklist:

1. Magnolia Blues
2. Mean-Hearted Woman
3. You Was Born To Die [feat. Kyshona Armstrong, Margo Price & Jason Isbell] 4. Whole World Knows
5. Troubled Mind
6. Far From Dixie
7. Please Come Down
8. My oh My [feat. Stone Jack Jones] 9. Deep Water Blues
10. Carolina Bound
11. South For The Winter [feat. Matt Berninger]