About Us

8O8wave  is an online platform that delivers spanking new Hip-hop/contemporary music, Entertainment Gist, videos and music content daily to it’s audience by serving as a medium between them and the artist.

It is typically a media platform that promotes and delivers HipHop music, videos and musical content dedicated to serving it’s audience and the artist whose content is distributed.

8O8wave offers a platform where Music lovers from America and around the world can access, Stream and give their opinions on the latest songs and general trends in entertainment. Our Music Content is accessible at any time to our audience in all time zones. Furthermore, Artists find our platform a useful source of direct feedback from their fans and a way to gain insight into what their fans respond to.

In addition to sharing Music, Videos and Other Content, 8O8wave also conducts interviews with upcoming, promising artistes/producers/directors.

Promising artistes/producers/directors.

Our team is always on standby to promote new talent, once you work reaches us, we conduct a survey to make sure that your work is original and does not violent or infringe upon the right of anyone be it an independent artist or label, once the survey is passed, the content is published and a link mailed to you immediately.

Contact Us Via Email:  8o8wave.com@gmail.com

For Music submission please email   |    8o8wave.com@gmail.com


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