A.G. Cook Apple vs 7G tracklist

A.G. Cook has unveiled the tracklist for his forthcoming album ‘Apple vs 7G’ which will be arriving streaming platforms on May 28.

The entire album will be arriving with 21 songs featuring remixes from last year’s ‘Apple’ and ‘7G’ albums with guest appearances from Charli XCX, Denzel Himself, Sarah Bonito, Hannah Diamond and jonny gorgeous.

“When I was working on both Apple and 7G, I really wanted to capture the fun, limitless potential of music – a sense that anything could happen at any time. After so many directions, it felt logical to tie up both campaigns by pitting the two albums against each other.”

“The remixers range from frequent collaborators to longtime influences, and the tracklist includes edits and covers that happened naturally over the last few months, either as part of other people’s mixes or virtual live sets. There’s really no organizing principle other than the feeling that everything is a remix.”

The singer has shared the second track on the tracklist ‘Xcxoplex’ featuring Charli XCX and you can listen to it below.

Apple vs 7G Tracklist:

1. Oh Yeah (Caroline Polachek Remix)
2. Xcxoplex (feat. Charli XCX)
3. Beautiful Superstar (EASYFUN Remix)
4. Being Harsh (Oklou Cover)
5. H2O2 (feat. Denzel Himself)
6. 2021 (umru Remix)
7. The Darkness (Remix) (feat. Sarah Bonito & Hannah Diamond)
8. Lil Song (Unplugged) (With jonny gorgeous)
9. Stargon (Boys Noize Remix)
10. Lifeline (Ö Remix)
11. Alright (Dream Mix)
12. Airhead (Doss Remix)
13. Gold Leaf (GRRL Remix)
14. Today (Dream Mix)
15. The Darkness (Eartheater Remix)
16. Windows (No Rome Remix)
17. Drink Blood (caroxtagstartz3 Remix)
18. Beautiful Superstar (Baauer Remix)
19. Airhead (Ö & Canblaster Remix)
20. Soft Landing (Max Tundra Remix)
21. Gold Leaf (Supersaw Edit)