Post Malone

Post Malone Is Easily One Of The Most Well-known Names In The Music Industry At The Moment. He Practically Skyrocketed To His Grammy Nominations All From A Single Upload To Soundcloud.

To Many, Post Malone Is Also Redefining The Music Industry. While Commonly Regarded To As A Rapper, He Has Also Redefined The Music Industry By Claiming His Music Is In Fact “Genre-less”. The Music World Will Know Him For His Number One Hit Song “Psycho” Which Featured Ty Dolla Sign, Or “Sunflower”, Which He Collaborated With Swae Lee On.

The Success Of Post Malone Is One That Many Will Not See In Their Own Lifetime. Receiving Grammy And Billboard Nominations And Continually Sitting At Top Spots On The Hot-100 Charts Has Become A Very Normal Thing In This Superstar Singer’s Life.

But Many Fans And Critics Alike Have Wondered If Post Malone Is American. And If Not, What Nationality Is Post Malone?.

Let’s Look At These X Facts To Determine If Post Malone Is Really American.

Birthplace Of Post Malone

Post Malone Was Born In Syracuse, New York On July 4, 1995 To American Parents. He Fits The Stereotypical Clichés Of An American, Measuring In A 6 Feet Tall, Dark Hair And Fair Complexion.

His Genetic Ancestry

There Is Speculation That Post Malone Does Have Some Native American Ancestral Ties, Although He Has Avoided Commenting On This In Public. But The Likelihood Of Him Being Linked To A Specific Tribe Is Quite Rare, Even Though Very Little Details Are Known On The Matter.

Mama Mia!

Like Many Americans, Post Malone’s Family History Comes From A Line Of Immigrants. His Grandfather Is Actually Of Italian Ancestry. But While Post Malone Does Have A Genetic Link To The Spaghetti Loving Country Of Italy, He Himself Is Not A Current Citizen Of The Country. He Is 100% An American Citizen Born And Raised In The Good Old U.S.A.

Cultural Clash Of His Beats

While Post Malone Is Himself A Straight-up American, His Music Has Deep Roots With A Range Of Nationalities And Cultures—as Do Many In The Hip Hop World. The Music Industry Is Diversified By The Range Of Influences From Around The Globe. With Post Malone’s Music Being A Melting Pot Of A Range Of Genres Such As Hip-hop, Country, Grunge And R+B, It Is A Safe Assumption To Say That Post Malone’s Musical Inspiration Is Drawn From A Diverse Range Of Cultures Around The World.

The Struggles Of His Identity

For Post Malone, Being A Successful Hip Hop Artist As A White Man Has Not Been An Easy Task. In Fact, It Has Clouded Him With A Ton Of Controversy. Hip Hop In Its Purest Form Was Mainly Drawn From The African American And Other Minority Cultures In The Us. So, While Post Malone Himself Is Adamant That His Genre Of Music Does Not Mimic Or Copy Anyone Else In The Industry, Some Naysayers Have Been Critical Of Him Trying To Make A Stake In The Hip Hop World.

Post Malone Is Living Out The All-american Dream. Born To A Modest Family With A Rural Upbringing, It Was Through His Hard Work, Determination And Risk-taking That Led Post Malone To Have A Career That Many Only Dreams About. He Was Not Handed His Success On A Silver Platter And Deserves The Success He Has Had In The Rap And Hip-hop World. Post Malone Has Had Nothing But Respect To The Cultural Diversities That Are In His Industry And It Is Commendable How Hard He Works To Continually Show Respect To That.

In recent news, Posty’s manager Dre London recently teased a possible forthcoming collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert when he posted a throwback video of the two hanging out together at a concert back in 2015. Read the full post here.