50 Cent calls Saweetie a bitch

50 Cent has been known over the years for saying whatever comes to mind without holding back or caring about the persons feeling which have led to several feuds between him and several celebrities such as Wendy Williams, Tekashi 6ix9ine to mention just a few.

This time, his comment is directed towards rapper and Quavo’s ex girlfriend Saweetie. In the comment, 50 seems to refer to her as a bitch after a story emerged, claiming that the rapper is now dating NBA player James Harden and Harden even paid her paid her $100,000 on CashApp for a date.

“Wait he a superstar, why the fuck is he paying a bitch to go on a date,” 50 wrote. “See what you did @quavohuncho they don’t know what they like till they see somebody with it SMH LOL Help me understand this!”

James Harden who is currently nursing a hamstring injury had to step out and clear the air on Instagram. The NBA player recently produced Lil Baby and Lil Durk’s joint album.

“I’m tired of people creating these false ass stories knowing I don’t really speak on bullshit. Leave me out of all the weird shit. Shit trash. Back to my real life. People really on here just making shit up for clout. I really stay out of the way. CashApp $100K? Beat it.”

Fans also pointed out that the story couldn’t be true since the limit for CashApp is just $1,000. Be it true or not, 50 Cent said what he said and it doesn’t look like he plans on apologizing.